🚀Coconut Global’s NFT Issuance Event has ended successfully attracting many more users to our service.
We have fully awarded all eligible participants.

🔥Participants who did all the steps to issue NFT on Coconut Global received 4 USD for each NFT (3,3 CONUT token)

🔥The top 3 users with the highest number of NFT likes received 100 USD each (82,8 CONUT token)

🥇Top1: Youngster acting cool — 128 Likes

🥈Top 2: Cheek twerking — 95 Likes

🥉Top 3: Our boys coming for the World Cup — 70 Likes

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🔍For more useful information about CONUT Token
(https://thankful-raclette-226.notion.site/CONUT-TOKEN-f751f8c45b6247d1a6434e8f88bf6a03) 🔍



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