‘THE SHOW GLOBAL’ NFT platform beta service open announcement on the 27th

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2 min readFeb 16, 2023

‘THE SHOW GLOBAL’ NFT platform announces its beta service will be opened on the 27th.

The newly introduced NFT platform ‘The Show’ is a pioneering fandom-type platform that allows creators to communicate with fans in real-time through various content such as videos and pictorials.

The Show’s beta service is a paid subscription service based on self-produced content, providing high-quality content and creator community services in various categories. Through this, users can communicate with each other and actively share feedback, making it more convenient to enjoy what they love.

In addition, you can enjoy various content such as videos and pictorials, or convert them into NFTs to keep. It also provides advanced video shooting and editing tools that can apply over 50 special effects, and has its own video streaming technology.

The Show’s development team said, “We plan to support creators’ independent revenue generation by introducing a Korean-style subscription service, and we will do our best to empower creators who are leaving other large platforms.”

CEO and creator of The Show, Selina, expressed her strong aspirations that, starting with the ‘Coconut Global’ NFT platform, she would strive to contribute to the expansion of The Show, Coconut Global, and CONUT token by nurturing more active activities and various contents.

An official from Coconut Global operator ‘Beodix’ also said, “Starting with the launch of The Show, we will do our best to expand CONUT token by securing more and more quality content through the collaboration with CEO Selina, and continue listing CONUT on global and domestic exchanges.”


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