🚀Coconut Global’s NFT Issuance Promotion Event with a total 💲580 USD reward🚀


👉1. Retweet Coconut Global’s pinned Tweet on Twitter 📌

👉2. Like an NFT that you think is your favorite on the Coconut Global NFT Marketplace 📌

Like any NFT on Coconut Global, you can like someone else’s NFT or your own NFT

👉3. Share a link to your favorite NFT or the NFT published by you on Coconut Global by posting a tweet including the #CoconutGlobal #CONUT #MMO #Airdrop #eventup hashtags 📌

Example for step 3

👉4. Submit the link to your Tweet and your BSC wallet address on our Google Sheet to receive the rewards 📌

🔥🔥Event introduction and reward plan🔥🔥

1)🎁🎁🎁 Participation Award🎁🎁🎁

2)💲💲💲 Popularity Award💲💲💲



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Coconut Global

Coconut Global

No 1 Global Short form #NFT Marketplace #COCONUT is a new social network NFT market place /t.me/Coconut_Global_Official/